Dec 29 Paul & Art as Loose Shoes play at Wynyard Mill Party

Dec 5 Doobs at Dean's Walk Pub in Gloucester (through an agency)


Nov 30 Blues and Rock evening at Kings Arms

November 9 Railway, Pub in Stroud (through an agency)


October 25 Swindon

September 1, in the playground of Malmesbury Primary school, after the carnival procession. We are playing on a Shipton Mill lorry. The only photo of George.

Aug 30 band rehearses at Cartmell Centre - Art, Paul, Brian, Ade and George

Various rehearsals were recorded by Ade at 79 on an old slow tape deck. The tapes were passed around (though they always sounded best on Ade's machine). On one of these tapes Ade wrote: 'The Dubious Bros', commenting on how difficult it was to get the mob together for a practice, but also naming the band.

Jan 5 Art returns from LA convinced 'Sailbad the Sinner' has had its time. The Sinners, Greg, Leggy, John, Shaun were paid a portion of the band cash and the remainder was used to buy an electronic tuner. This left only Art, Ade and Paul to carry on. Soon added were Brian Pasco on guitar and George Symington on bass and were a new nameless band.


Dec 14 Art leaves for Christmas in LA.

Dec 7 Loose Shoes at Horse and Groom, Charlton.


October 28 Sailbad the Sinner bravely play at the Kings Arms. Paul Darby joined in, especially during the 12 bar improvisation number. The ticket by Greg May shows Art's quaking knees, Greg and Shaun on sax, Leggy and John on guitars and Adrian on drums. The gig was recorded and there was much disagreement afterwards and the friendly atmosphere never returned.

Sept 22 Sailbad the Sinner at Brinkworth Golf Club (cancelled).

Doobs Doobs

September 2 The New Band officially named 'Sailbad the Sinner' while playing in Malmesbury recreation ground on a Shipton Mill lorry after Carnival Procession. Dave Witt was awarded a prize for a band name which we did not use.

September 14 Loose Shoes at Horse and Groom, Charlton

Aug 25 The New Band at the Smoking Dog, again with Paul.

June 17 Paul, Art and The New Band busk in Birdcage Walk. Astonished and delighted Paul would join in! John Daley's guitar caused complaints in Reeds Farm.


May 20/21 Loose Shoes record "Take Two", their second album, at Brillscote Farm. Sound engineer Hugh Sherwing. A bittersweet moment for Art - so much good music with Paul as the recording shows but also wanting to move on.

May 18 Loose Shoes at Charlton Horse and Groom.

May 1 Loose Shoes at Nailsworth Town Hall

April 10 Art talks with Paul about leaving Loose Shoes.

April 3 Loose Shoes at Two Pigs, Corsham.

Feb 23 Loose Shoes at Horse and Groom, Charlton.

Feb 18 Hot Banana at KA.

Feb 14 Loose Shoes at Stirrup Cup Bisley.

Regular sessions at Art's home, no. 79, with Greg May, Shaun Holmes, Tony Legg, John Daley lead to Art, discovering he could play a bit of keys and purchasing a Roland Juno 60 keyboard in May. It is the beginning of a new music.

Jan 9 Loose Shoes at Two Pigs, Corsham.

Jan 2 Loose Shoes play at Wynyard Mill.

Pre 1989

Paul and Art at an anti-seal hunt demonstration in on the plinth of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, probably performing 900 Miles as this was the only song we did with banjo and vocals.

Doobs Doobs

Paul, Art and Katie at the Horse and Groom in Charlton and a New Year's day performance at Wynard Mill, c. 1988.


First recording, 'Paul, Art and Katy' was recorded in 1986, sound engineer Hugh Sherwing.


Paul, Art in the early days of their music, at Brillscote Farm, c. 1985. Photo by Mike Heal.

From about 1984, Paul Darby and Art were a folk group, Paul on acoustic guitar and vocals, Art on penny whistle, blues harmonica and banjo. Later joined by Katie Morgan on bodhran and bones. Quite successful, they played music festivals, collected for Greenpeace, performed for fetes and parties and were well known locally for acoustic sessions in pubs. After Katie left, they are known as Loose Shoes (we were as comfortable as).


Paul at a Greenpeace stall in the Market Cross in the 80s. Photo by Tristan Forward?

Doobs Doobs

Paul at an anti-whaling rally in the 70's and the Spectrum business card.

Paul Darby had been playing folk music since his university days at Aberystwith. He busked in Europe and when settled in Lea, joined Vanessa Morris to form Spectrum. Spectrum often supported Greenpeace with busking and street collections. In the early 80's there was at least one gig in the Kings Arms, Malmesbury with Spectrum and various other musicians.

Roger Smith and David Charles, destined to become Dubious Bros. stalwarts, were then in the Lea based band Hot Banana.