the dubious brothers.......aka the doobs

A dance band based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, we love making music and have so far launched 3 albums on the public: 

, which consists of Blues and R&B covers 

, songs written variously by David Charles and Roger Smith, 
ranging from folk rock to rock and roll 

the front room sessions
to highlight some of our dance band credibility! 


the dubious brothers are available for bookings anywhere and for (almost) any occasion. We have our own PA system that will suffice for small to medium size gigs and will also provide background music for the intervals between sets. We also have some basic lighting which provides a bit of atmosphere. If the gig is larger we would need to hire in PA gear and lighting.

If you think you also need a disco, then you may not need us - we play live music!

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Listen to some of the tracks
from our self-penned album 





Best known locally for our charity dance gigs, we play a variety of music and have played the clubs and pubs of Wiltshire and the South West f
or many years. We specialise in providing audiences with sets that they can sit and listen to, or great dance sets that get people on their feet!

The sets consist of songs from the 20's to the new century; jug band, old blues, soul, rythym and blues, rock and roll, hints of country and western, reggae, a few Blues Brothers covers, world music and folk.

Check them out here.......

We may be older than your average boy band, balding and bespectacled, yes....but a
lso fine musicians who have been playing for more years than we care to remember and who get great feedback wherever we go.

Although we write our own music, we have a similar attitude to the covers we play. We like to change them and make them our own and are not slaves to the original versions. We play birthdays, weddings, parties, town functions and also put on our own gigs.

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