2001 to 2009

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17 January St. Mary's Hall

21 March Dolphin Hall

22 April Rose and Crown Lea


19 January Kings Arms Gig, for Dennis? PHOTOS

16 May, Wedding Four Pillars Hotel Cotswold Water Park, for Dennis PHOTOS

30 May Mayors Ball

31 May Brinkworth House, Ken and Barbara PHOTOS

2 August, Dauntsey, Ben and Mary


9 March Trowbridge Village Pump

16 March Wiltshire Wildlife, Devizes

24 April Rose and Crown Medicin sans Frontier Benefit

12 May Pimbury Farm

25 August, St Mary's Hall for Malmesbury Carnival


30 July Studland Bay Middle Beach Hut Cafe


26 August Petticoat Lane, an hour spot on a stage in the High Street


9 June Little Caterpillar Playgroup fund raiser at Grittelton House. Doobs treated appallingly.

27 July Dark Barn wedding reception, near Gloucester. Good gig

26 August Volunteer Inn, Great Somerford


April 16th, benefit for Medicen Sans Frontiere, at Malmesbury Town Hall.

One hundred and sixty music lovers gathered at Malmesbury Town Hall on Saturday the 16th of April to dance and sing along to the Dubious Bros. Both audience and band were in fine fettle. The light show by Chris and Tony was fantastic and thanks are due them and to Michael Thomas, The Whole Hog, friends and neighbours on Gloucester Road, Malmesbury Rugby Football Club, Mary and Ben Smith, Johnny and Angie Charles, Malmesbury's wonderful Town Hall and the audience.
The evening was a fundraiser for Medecin Sans Frontiere and the Doobs are pleased to announce that a cheque for £1012 has been sent to MSF.

4 June The Old Rectory

25 June Darcy's (Snow Dave) Balloon Party - memories of Rog and David taking flavoured vodka shorts down an ice slide

15 July Abbey House Gardens (on the Belvedere) played to picnickers in the shrubbery


30 July Studland Bay Beach Hut

September 3rd, Malmesbury Town Hall, after the Carnival Procession


3 July Great Somerford - Walter Powell Primary School

10 July Snow Dave's Business Party (with Loose Shoes)

17 July Cattle Country Party (with hugely loud disco and David got lost looking for buffalo)

30 July RAC Wedding Reception

7 August Echo's Wedding

12 September Malmesbury Party

St. Mary's Hall


20 March Kings Arms

20 October Sherston - Paul Froggarty party

27 March Dolphin Hall for stalwart fan Richard Erskine's 50th

11 November(MTC) Town Hall


March 16th, Kingston St. Micheal, benefit for Frank Hugh's local woodland

March 30th, Westonbirt School, Adam's Wedding

June 6th, Queen's Jubilee, Kings Arms

July 6th, 50th 25th Wedding Anniversary, Crudwell Village Hall

September 28th David Hide and Son's Birthday Party, Town Hall?

October 5th, Wedding Reception at the Knoll House, Malmesbury, memorable for the band due to the many extremely inebriated guests


Feb 10th Kings Arms

May 11 Sheila Pregnall's 50th by the barn at Great Coxwell

28 July ??

11 November Kings Arms

16 November Royal Oak

1 December Great Somerford, Walter Powell School