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february 2013
In February, nothing much happened...... but we are preparing to record a new set of self-penned songs during March (about bloody time.... you may say) and sorting out several gigs for later in the year. Young Paul is out on holiday for all of April: 

- Friday 10th May, at the 4 Pillars Hotel for the local secret handshake society
- Saturday 18th May, for the Snow Business Balloon Day, in Ebley
- AND Saturday May 25th, at a charity event at the Horse Guards in Brokenborough, supporting the legend that is the Chas Hodges Band (Chas and Dave....Gertcha....)

On 5th January we had a fun evening at the Chippenham Golf Club, playing for a birthday party.

On the 25th, we had a fabulously, brilliant evening at the Bouverie Centre in Pewsey, playing for Jane's birthday and Paul's retirement. The room was full of friends past and present and we were joined by the great Ceileidh band - The Cartwheel Band.

september 2012 We are looking forward to playing at the Metal Detector Rally on 29th September in the Reading Room at Foxham....... and very good it was too, with a great crowd, if a very narrow hall.....
 july 2012

Playing at the opening night of the newly sited Village Pump Festival was great fun and it was good to be involved in the rebirth of a great festival. 

june 2012

march 2012

Jubilee Street party for Malmesbury (5th) - well, due to the rain, this became the Town Hall Street Party! But we had a great time and over 500 people came into the Town Hall and had their street party in the dry!

On the Saturday (9th), we played at a Private Party, in the garden, and didn't get wet. We had everyone dancing and singing along! Great.


Thanks to everyone who came along to our charity gig at St Mary's Hall on Saturday March 24th. It was a great evening and we raised £810 for our chosen charity - Disasters Emergency Committee.

february 2012 OK everybody...... The charity evening has been rearranged back to St Mary's Hall on Saturday March 24th. It will be ONE NIGHT ONLY so get in early to get tickets as they will disappear rapidly. If you have tickets for the cancelled gigs in January they will be accepted for entry to St Mary's......... we've decided not to print new tickets but use the ones already prepared to save the extra expense and effort that came from The King's Arms cancellation.
january 2012

Well, that was a waste of time and effort! After booking the King's Arms, communicating it, printing tickets and posters and selling tickets, the King's Arms told us that they had made a cock-up and had two bookings for the Saturday night.....and the other one was a paying booking. Guess who they threw out. THAT'S RIGHT, US.

So, we cancelled the Friday night, are returning money to those that purchased tickets and are working to put on the event later in the year, probably in March.

Needless to say, we are totally unenamoured with the behaviour of the management at the King's Arms and would not recommend them to anyone.

november 2011

Checkout our gigs page - we are playing 2 nights in Malmesbury for our annual fundraiser. January 20th and 21st. It'll be great.

Also - we'll be playing to early campers and helpers on the Thursday night preceding the Village Pump Folk Festival - so come along and join in the fun!

august 2011

Had a great time playing for Malmesbury Carnival in Cloister Gardens. There were lots of good bands and we closed the evening off with some good old dance music. Had lots of good comments from people, particularly over our uncanny "Bananarama" impersonation!!

june 2011

The barbeque in Ampney was damp, but well attended until the raffle prizes had been announced and the food had been eaten! Had some nice feedback tho' ....

"everyone I’ve spoken to thoroughly enjoyed it and remarked on the sheer quality of the music and how all the band really gelled – for Jane and me (and all those of a similar age profile!) it couldn’t have been better. Once again, sincere thanks to you and the band and we hope that you’ll consider playing for us again."

may 2011

Get your tickets for the doobs playing in a field at Ampney! Barbeque and music being held to raise money for soldiers charities.

february 2011
Just been asked to play at the Malmesbury Carnival thrash on August 29th. Bank Holiday Monday. Be there or be................somewhere else I suppose.

A surprise 40th Birthday party in Woodchester Mansion - one of the UK's most haunted places!!

"I just wanted to say thank you for playing such a great set on Saturday and even throwing in a few Dire Straits classics! Everyone had a great time (including Tim once he got over the shock!) and lots of people have commented on how good you guys were. Kate


january 2011

DEC Charity Fundraisers

...... were great........ Here are some unsolicited (honest!) mails we received.....

This was such a brilliant fantastic night boy did we dance and sing! Thank you Dubious Brothers for a seriously entertaining and great night! From Jacki

The Dubious Brothers are like a great wine they get even better with age! From Marilyn

First time we've seen you. We were very impressed last night - thank you :-) From Andrew 


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