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the dubious brothers boy(!) band
Art Robb David Charles Paul Darby Roger Smith Adrian Ashcroft
Keyboards Lead Guitar Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
Mouth Harp Saxophone Guitar Vocals

Adrian Ashcroft


Starting out as a drummer in a band with his 2 brothers, Ade went on to form a Stroud based band Mankind, producing home recordings that were picked up by the BBC and the Marquee Club and enticing the band to London. They became Quadrille, became sought after, recorded and played a residency at the Marquee Club in the seventies. Losing his brain to the excesses of a rock and roll lifestyle (including drinking with Keith Moon!), Ade moved back west in the 80's and joined the Doobs later that decade. Since then it's all been a bit of a blur.......He also drums with an acoustic rock and roll band, the
Boogie Bop boys 

David Charles


David started playing guitar to try and impress women, and worked his way through several…… (guitars!) whilst at University (Oxford, don't y' know.) Playing with various bands over the years, with Roger he was a member of the Malmesbury supergroup that was
Hot Banana before its eventual demise. During breaks from work, he taught himself to play anything he could lay his hands on and now plays saxophone, mandolin, piano, etc........some of them at the same time!! Often to be found sneaking off somewhere with his classical guitar, he also plays with his son, Jonathan whenever anyone will have them and with Art in Dirty Work

Paul Darby


As a young lad, he annoyed his family playing his mum’s banjo-ukelele, so his dad made him a square four-string guitar. Whilst still a choir boy at Chapel Royal, Hampton Court, he was smitten by skiffle and now there was no turning back. A proper guitar, blues, folk, & busking in Europe later followed. He also collaborated with some notable musicians, including the late
Christie Hennessy. He moved to Wiltshire in 1976 & more musical collaborations ensued, including with Art Robb, founder member of the Doobs. Having joined the Doobs in the early years, Paul soon realized that singing with a rock & roll band was a whole new vocal experience! And here's a clip of PD playing with Christie on a John Peel Session back in 1974!!

Art Robb


Born in New York at an early age, Art's first instrument was the trombone, or slushpump. He sang his way through college, joining every choir and singing group available. Whole-hearted classical music snobbery was only averted by marriage and a move to London, where he taught himself to play banjo, recorder, penny-whistle, blues harp and cricket. In Malmesbury, in the 80's, he teamed up with local folk guru, Paul Darby, to form Loose Shoes (Folk, Blues and Beyond!) Then, meeting in his living room, the sometime band Sailbad the Sinner quickly morphed into the doobs. Recently, another slushpump has arrived and is used in the Malmesbury Concert Band and Dirty Work.

Art has been a self employed musical instrument maker and repairer since 1974


Roger Smith


Born to be wild, Roger first played a tea chest, broom handle and length of twine to good effect with Hot Banana, a skiffle and rock and roll band formed in the mid-west (Malmesbury, Wiltshire that is.) Eventually, Hot Banana graduated to real band and Roger graduated to a real guitar. He joined the Doobs more years ago than he cares to (or can) remember, but it was........ bloody ages ago. He now plays a guitar with 5 STRINGS! Almost as high as he can count. He has played with various Soul and Blues bands over the years and now also plays with and manages the fantastic tribute band The Joliet Blues Band.....and anyone else who'll humour him.

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